Targeted Acquisition Search

Via our Targeted Acquisition Search process we provide buy-side advisory services to businesses seeking to grow through strategic acquisitions. We’ll research and identify acquisition targets, provide valuation of acquisition candidates, assistance on structuring the transaction, negotiate the initial offer and final purchase agreement, and advise on issues throughout the transaction closing.

A targeted business acquisition search can be an efficient way to find the right company for you. Drawing upon our experience as entrepreneurs, Growthland develops innovative marketing campaigns and techniques that attract and retain a business owner’s attention.

We can help you move faster toward purchase the company you are looking for.

Why Do Acquisition Search Campaigns Work So Well?

You get there before:

  • the company goes on the market;
  • the competition does;
  • the price and terms are cast;
  • the seller gets bad advice from accountants, attorneys, shareholders, family;
  • the seller makes errors.

A search is a more relaxed process for the seller and buyer.