Ownership Transition

Our Ownership Transition process and experience help you develop a plan to meet your goals, no matter when you plan to transition ownership of your business. Ownership Transition Planning is at the heart of our business model.

Most advisors use words like Exit Planning or Succession Planning. We use the term Ownership Transition Planning very intentionally. You have worked long and hard to build your business and transitioning ownership is a process that is carefully executed by:

  • Assessing the value of your business and finding value drivers;
  • Growing the value of your business;
  • Preparing you personally for change;
  • Examining all of your options for finding new ownership;
  • Working with your advisors to finalize the plan; and
  • Executing.

An Ownership Transition Plan prepared by Aspen Grove Investments enables you to:

  1. Sell to a third party
  2. Sell to key management
  3. Transfer ownership to a family member(s)
  4. Transfer ownership to an ESOP
  5. Retain ownership but become a passive owner
  6. Sell the business to one or more co-owners

The Ownership Transition Plan centers on:

  • Achieving your personal and business objectives
  • Controlling how and when you transition the ownership of your business
  • Maximizing business and personal value based on your chosen objective(s)
  • Minimizing taxes

Think of your business as a product you are going to package for a very selective customer- the buyer who will pay the highest price. Ownership Transition Planning is simply the process you’ll use to find that customer and get that price. Call us today to get started.