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SOLD- Cherokee County Farrow to Wean Facility For Sale – $650,000

Growthland Realty and Appraisal and Agri-Management Services offer for sale a 2000 Sow Farrow to Wean Swine Production Facility – Willow Ridge. Willow Ridge consists of a 11±-acre tract 7 miles south and 9 miles west of Cherokee, IA (pop. 12,072), the county seat of Cherokee County. A well-maintained public gravel road provides direct access to the property. H Avenue, a well-maintained paved county road, is a half mile east. Access to the site is good.
Facility Overview: Willow Ridge consists of 5 buildings with 2 – Gestation barns (G1 & G2); 1 – Farrowing, 1 – Isolation, and an Equipment Shed. The Office is in the west end of the Farrowing building. The Farrowing and Gestation buildings are all connected by enclosed hallways. The original building improvements were constructed in 1998; an expansion was made to Farrowing in 2015 adding 2 farrowing rooms, a nursery holding room, and a load out room. The painted steel roofing panels were replaced approximately 1 year ago and the attics had blown insulation added. The exterior steel wall panels were removed and reinstalled to insulate the walls with spray foam; the north farrowing wall remains to be completed. Water to the building improvements is provided by two on-site deep wells which are reported to provide adequate good quality water for the operation. Willow Ridge is a prime site for expansion to a 3000 sow production facility and current buildings are clean and ready for animals.


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