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Webster County Sow Farm For Sale – $4,800,000

Growthland Realty and Appraisal and Agri-Management Services are pleased to present for sale a 4,800 Farrow to Wean Swine Production Facility on 25.28 Acres m/l. Located at 2716 Gotch Park Road, five miles south of Humboldt in Deer Creek Township, Webster County.

Facility Overview: RSH Farms is a 4,800 sow Breed to Wean facility consisting of 2 – 2,400 sow units with two lagoons connected to owned low pressure center pivot irrigation system. The East Production Unit was constructed in 1993 as a 1200 sow Breed to Feeder pig unit. It was expanded to a 2,400 sow Breed to Feeder Pig site in 1996 with additional Gestation building being built and two unattached nursery buildings constructed. The original nurseries were remodeled to farrowing rooms and one additional 24 sow room added. In 2006, RSH was doubled in size to 4,800 sow Breed to Wean. An additional Breed Gestation Building was constructed and Nurseries were remodeled into 384 farrowing crates. RSH is a well maintained production system. Excellent isolation on one mile dead-end county road. Nearest pig is four miles away.

Production Agreement: Sow farm is currently a contract grower for a large production entity. The contract expires in July, 2021 with an option to purchase the sows. Contract provides over $500,000 in annual income before depreciation, interest, taxes, and amortization.

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